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Real world benefits of Jobst Compression Stockings

The inner and outer workings of Jobst Compression Stockings.

The benefits of Jobst Compression Stockings are many – even if you don’t have a condition that requires them. Anyone who does lots of walking or standing is a perfect candidate for wearing these stylish and comfortable compression stockings.

Jobst Compression Stockings are the ultimate in comfort, easy to wear and are the number one recommendation by physicians if you need compression stockings for health reasons. Jobst constructs their stockings with quality, 3-D knit structure, reinforced heels and an anti-bacterial inclusion that keeps unpleasant odors at bay.

jobst compression stockings

The contemporary and relaxed design of Jobst Compression Stockings means that you can wear them every day and for any occasion. They don’t pinch and bind like other compression stockings and the cotton-like materials keep moisture from building so your feet stay cool and dry.

Toe areas are reinforced also, but roomy enough to give your toes the wiggle room they need for comfort. Jobst Compression Stockings are perfect for any activity, including the most strenuous athletic pursuits. These stockings offer the therapy you need most when your legs need support.

Jobst Compression Stockings for Medical Reasons

Jobst Compression Stockings aren’t only for those who have medical and health reasons for wearing them – they’re also worn to relieve tired and achy feet and legs and prevent certain conditions such as swelling and diseases of the veins (such as varicose veins) from happening.

If you already have a disease or disorder that should be addressed with Jobst Compression Stockings , you should know that there are two types available – anti-embolism and gradient.Jobst Compression Stockings

Anti-embolism compression stockings or TED (Thromboembolism-deterrent) support the lymphatic drainage in the legs and venous disorders. They effectively distribute the compression level up the leg, beginning at the ankle.

Wearing anti-embolism, Jobst Compression Stockings helps to circulate the lymph and blood fluids throughout the leg when you walk. The sports science industry has endorsed compression stockings for athletes to wear to improve circulation and aid in lactic acid removal.

Gradient compression stockings help to relieve “musculovenous pump” – a condition caused by leg vein valves that don’t work properly. These stockings are designed so that the ankle bears the highest compression level and lessens as you move up the calf.

Jobst compression stocking design is most recommended by doctors for those who may suffer from blood pooling, edema and blood clots because of inactivity. Ambulatory patients gain relief from wearing the gradient stockings because they help the patient better pump the blood to reach the heart.

Diabetics also benefit from Jobst Compression Stockings because of the circulation problems they often experience. Others with various circulatory problems could also benefit from compression stockings. If you have chronic peripheral venous insufficiency and the reason is less than adequate perforator veins, ask your physician about Jobst Compression Stockings .

It’s extremely important that you receive sizing help before wearing Jobst Compression Stockings – especially if you have a chronic medical condition. A vascular doctor can help you with the sizing.

When purchasing compression stockings on your own, be sure that the compression gradient is 15-20 mmHg and the anti-embolism factor is greater than 1.0. Fitting the stockings correctly may mean a vast difference in the comfort of the stockings.

Medical Conditions That May Benefit from Jobst Compression Stockings

Certain medical conditions may require that you wear some sort of compression device for safety and to ensure that the condition doesn’t worsen. Jobst Compression Stockings are available in a variety of strengths, colors, styles and sizes and are recommended by doctors more than any other compression stocking.

Some medical conditions that may elicit a need for Jobst Compression Stockings are:

• Chronic peripheral venous insufficiency – When the blood cannot sufficiently pump blood to the heart, Jobst Compression Stockings can aid in the pumping process.
• Phlebitis – Those suffering from Phlebitis usually experience clotting and inflammation in leg veins possibly because of trauma, inflammation or an infection. Compression stockings can help keep the blood from clotting.
• Pregnancies – Many pregnant women suffer from leg pain because of the hormones being released during pregnancy and also from an expanding uterus that causes pressure on the main vein taking blood to the heart. Leg veins can be affected unless compression stockings are used.
• Edema – A medical condition where tissue fluid and/or blood collects in the legs and feet because of poor circulation. Jobst Compression Stockings can get the blood flowing again and reduce the pooling of the blood or tissue.
• Varicose veins – Those swollen, blue veins that appear on legs are distended because of the weakness of the veins. This can be a painful condition, but the pain can be alleviated by use of Jobst Compression Stockings .

If you simply have tired and aching feet and legs because standing or walking for long periods of time, you may be at risk of deep vein thrombosis, a condition where a slower blood flow occurs in the legs. Jobst Compression Stockings are an excellent solution to tired, aching legs and feet and can be found in sheer and trendy styles.

There’s also a condition called, “Economy Class Stoke Syndrome” – a condition that occurs during long airplane flights. There’s a study that reports a link in strokes and flying for hours at a time. If you have a heart defect, there’s more likelihood that you could suffer from a stroke during a flight.

Jobst Compression Stockings have been known to help with circulation and clotting problems that might occur when sitting for long periods of time. Ask your doctor if you might be a candidate for compression stockings before going on another trip that involves a long plane ride.Jobst Compression Stockings

Who Wears Compression Stockings?

Athletes, airline pilots and attendants, those with medical conditions such as the ones listed above and those people who stand on their feet or walk for long intervals. If you have a medical condition or tired achy feet and legs that make it difficult for you to function, check in to the many benefits of Jobst Compression Stockings. More information about Jobst Compression Stockings can be found online.

Jobst Compression Stockings Offers Many Variations of Compression Strength and Design

See why Jobst Compression Stockings aren’t your parents stockings.

Jobst offers the most efficient and effective line of compression stockings on the market today. Those people who have lymphatic or venous disorders sometimes require that compression stockings be used to prevent further medical problems. Jobst Compression Stockings provide styles for women and men in various color, styles and performance.
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